You can support Ukraine by using software? Yep.

Ukrainian Flag

MacPaw is a Kyiv based software company

The Ukrainian people have been devastated by the war currently ravaging their economy and lives. Not too long after the invasion of Ukraine, I received an email from the CEO of MacPaw discussing how the war is impacting their company. Amazingly, MacPaw has maintained their software services despite the destruction around them.

Image via MacPaw website

From the CEO:

Since the war started, we’ve been scattered across the world. Some of us fighting in the army or defending cities as volunteers, others joining digital and tech initiatives to help. Some volunteering to provide food and supplies on the ground, others crossing the border to reach safe spaces with our kids and families.️

MacPaw team members are supporting and helping each other round the clock. There’s coordination to help anyone on the team leave dangerous locations, non-stop exchange of helpful information, and psychological support. ~ Oleksandr Kosovan (CEO & Founder of MacPaw)

About MacPaw

MacPaw is a software company headquartered out of Kyiv Ukraine. They are the talented group behind many pieces of software you likely use daily. You can learn more about the team behind MacPaw here.

I’ve been a longtime user of MacPaw software and more recently, SetApp software subscription. I wasn’t until the war against Ukraine that I had even realized the team was headquartered in Kyiv.

Consider (if you don’t already) subscribing to SetApp or purchasing some the the powerful software created by the MacPaw team.



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