These Websites Are Useless And Amazing

a stack of web browser for useless websites

1. Pop Cat

Once you pop, you just can’t stop. It’ll be nearly impossible to resist tapping a key for just one more pop.

Visit Pop Cat

a white cat looking upward

2. Corn Dog

A throwback to simpler times when flying toasters reigned supreme on screens across the world.

Visit Corn Dog

corn dogs flying through the sky


Reddddd, greeeeeen, bluuuuuuuuue. Hover and enjoy.


RGB in colored red green and blue

4. Staggering Beauty

A mysterious character who loves to dance! Shake your mouse and enjoy the ride. Anyone prone to epilepsy or seizures please do not click on the Staggering Beauty link.


Visit Staggering Beauty

a black silhouette of a little creature

5. Bury Me With My Money

Is this a statement about something much bigger? You decide.

Visit Bury Me With My Money

6. Potato or Tomato

Can you pass this quiz?

Visit Potato or Tomato

7. Chihuahua Spin

How many of spins can you sit through?

Visit Chihuahua Spin

a tiny chihuahua in bubble wrap

8. Scroll-O-Meter

Once, twice, three-times a scroller! Can you tire out this jogger?

Visit Scroll-O-Meter

a jogger running in place

9. Trash Loop

Don’t let that trash can get the best of you.

Visit Trash Loop

a trash can and crumpled up paper ball

10. That Burning Question

An answer to the question you’ve been dying to know. I can’t reveal the answer, you’ll have to click and find out. Be sure to check the URL.

Visit The Final Useless Website



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