10 Creative Websites Worth Wasting Your Time On

pink circles with decorations

1. Quick Draw

Can Google’s AI guess what you’re drawing? You gotta be fast!

Visit Quick Draw

an illustrated hand with drawings around it

2. Weave Silk

This one is pure visual ASMR. Draw and enjoy.

Visit Weave Silk

a purple snowflake pattern

3. This Is Sand

How creative can you be with colorful sand? Let’s see what you can create!

Visit This Is Sand

a work of art made of colorful sand looking like mountains

4. Wow’en Wilson

How “wow” do you know Owen Wilson? Wowzers, this quiz was tougher than I had thought.

Visit Wow’en Wilson

many faces of owen wilson

5. Patatap

Another lovely ASMR style site. Tap your keys on your keyboard for a cacophony of somehow beautiful sounds.

Visit Patatap

an orange circle inside a gray box

6. My 90's TV

Created by Netflix team member Joey Cato, My 90’s TV is blast of pure nostalgia for anybody from that bad ass Nirvana generation.

Visit My 90s TV

an old 90s television

7. Jackson Pollock

Effortless fun and art with lovely minimalist UI at its pinnacle. Move mouse (finger), click mouse (tap screen) and voila!

Visit Jackson Pollock

a jackson pollock style painting

8. Hacker Typer

Ever dreamed of being a hacker? Well, here’s your chance, but without, you know, going to prison.

Visit Hacker Typer

a computer terminal with green hacker style text on it

9. A Soft Murmur

Create your own perfect collection of peaceful sounds. Great for sleeping or any instance where calming sounds are ideal.

Visit A Soft Murmur

a set of icons representing weather and sounds

10. Neave

This is a special pick. Neave has 8 creative sub-sites for you to explore! “Strobe Illusion” is a must try.

Visit Neave

a collection of app icons

Thanks for checking out these creative websites! If you liked this list, you may also enjoy these useless, but amazing websites too.



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